How many churches are there in the Midlands? 400? 600? 800? Actually there is only ONE!  That is the ONE Church of the Lord Jesus.  Just like there were many expressions of the One Church in Ephesus, in Corinth, in Colossae, and in Rome, there is just ONE Church in the Midlands of South Carolina.  And the Lord Jesus’ will is for that ONE Church to be Ablaze with the Holy Spirit–to be aglow and burning with the Spirit serving the Lord (Romans 12:11, AMP).

Most of us would agree the Church is in decline nationally and locally.  The Lord has led me to leave the pastoral ministry after 21 years and begin this new ministry to be a part of a team that will stoke the fire of revival in the Midlands.

This is NOT a new idea. Carefully read what John Piper wrote in an article entitled, “We Have Not Because We Ask Not” (December 28,1981),

One of the signs that God is going to do a great work is that He begins to stir up His people to pray for it. He lays a burden on a person here and a person there. He brings it back to their mind again and again. It stalks them. It drives them to their knees. Or it catches them on their knees.

When God aims to do a great work, the first thing He harnesses is the power of prayer. He starts by planting the spark of desire in a few hearts. Then through prayer He fans it into a flame. Then the flame of desire and faith spreads to others. Soon large numbers are on their knees imploring the great work. Then God acts. Then He pours down His blessing. God loves to do great works of redemption. But even more He loves to do it in answer to prayer.

May the Holy Spirit set ablaze once again the hearts of the ONE Church in the Midlands so we get on our faces and on our knees crying out to Him for a mighty move of God in the Midlands and in our nation.  Without it we are doomed.

We praise God as He supplies our need.

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